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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy potato recipe- Aloo Morich

Aloo Morich- A bengali name comprising two ingredients - Aloo- which means Potato and Morich- which means black pepper.This a dish that I have learnt from my Mother.Its is a simple and easy potato recipe.Whenever I am down with fever and nothing tastes good to my buds.My Mom dishes it out for me.
1.Potato-4 medium size(Each cut into 8 halves)
2.Freshly crushed black pepper powder-1/2(half) teaspoon
3.Butter-25 gm


1.Boil the potatoes in salty water..Please make sure they are not overboiled.
2.Melt the butter into a pan/kadai.
3.Add the boiled potato,sprinkle salt and freshly crushed black peppper powder.
4.Fry it high flame till the potato becomes golden brown.
5.Serve hot

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