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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monsoon Magic-Macher dimer Bada(Fish Eggs Pakora)

Let your mouth water this Monsoon.With continuous rain outside, what else!! than Ek cup Chai with deep-fried fritters.I am here with a mouth watering Bengali- Tele-Bhaja(fritters) called Macher dimer (Fish Eggs)Bada.Enjoy the rain!!! and for once don’t think about the calories!

Macher dimer Bada

1.Rui/Katla Macher dim-200 gm
2.Besan(Gram flour)-1 Cup
3.Baking Powder-2/3 pinches.
4.Onions-3 medium size(Finely chopped)
5.Garlic-3 teaspoon(finely chopped)
6.Ginger-3 teaspoon(finely chopped)
7.Green Chillies-2 teaspoon(Finely chopped)
8.Black pepper powder- 1 teaspoon.
9.Soya Sauce-1 teaspoon.
11.Salt - To taste
12.Refined Oil

**Soya sauce contains salt be careful while adding salt.**


1.Wash and drain the Macher dim.Add 1 tsp of soya sauce and make sure that the Macher dim is well Mashed.
2.Mix well,Add besan,baking powder,onins,garlic,ginger,green chilles,Egg,black pepper powder and salt to taste.Add small quantity of water to make the mixture a little bit soft
3.Mix all well.(Using hand is best)
4.Heat oil in a kadai/pan..Deep fry in shape of small Badas/pakoras.
5.Serve hot with Tomato sauce.


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