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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pomfret La Jawab

Coconut Milk is one of the main ingredients of fish curries in South India.I am really short of words to describe its beautiful texture and creamy taste.I have brought one of the unique coconut milk recipes which I have named - Pomfret La Jawab.


1.Whole pomfret fish (with 2/3 cut mark on each side)-4
2.Curd ( dahi)-100 gm(water drained completely using muslin or cotton cloth and then bitten well using a spoon)
3.Coconut milk-1/2 cup
4.Onion- 1 pc (Grated)
5.Ginger paste- 1/2 teaspoon
6.Garlic paste- Make the paste of only 2/3 cloves.
7.Coriander powder(dhania powder)-1/2
8.Green chilly paste-Made from two chillies
9.Cumin powder(Jeera powder)-1/4 teaspoon
10.Garam Masala powder-1/4 teaspoon
12.Bay leaves( Tejpatta)-1
13.Turmeric powder(haldi)-2 pinch
15.Lemon juice- 3 teaspoon.
16.Mustard Oil-3 tablespoon
17.Coriander leaves(dhania patta)


1.Wash the pomfret well and marinade with the lemon juice,turmeric powder and keep aside for atleast 30 mins.
2.Heat a kadai/pan and put the mustard oil.Put a bay leaf and add the grated onion.Fry it till golden brown.
3.Put the gas in Simmer(lower the flame).
4.Add the ginger garlic paste,green chilly paste,dhania powder and jeera powder.
5.Fry in low flame till oil seperates.Make sure that the masala does not get overfried.
6.Add the bitten curd(not all at the same time) in small portion and keep on stirring.Add some water(1/2 cup)
7.Add some salt as per taste.
8.Put the marinated pomfret and raise the flame.
9.Once the fish is cooked add the garam masala powder.
10.turn off the Gas and slowly add the Coconut milk and keep on stirring it.
11.Turn on the gas once it gets completely mixed.
12.Cook it for 1 min,turn off the Gas and add finely chopped dhania patta and mix well.
13.Cover the pan with a lid and keep it for 2/3 mins.
14.It is now ready to serve with rice and chapati.

TIP: Always beat the curd well and lower the flame while adding during cooking.

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