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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Navaratan Korma- An Indian Mixed Vegetable Curry

Navaratan korma- the meaning is, a curry made with 9 gems.It is really a very special kind of Indian mixed vegetable curry which is simply delicious.I would not consider the cooking procedure to be that easy,however I have tried my best to present it in the easiest possible way.


1.Potatoes- 2 medium size ( ½  inch cubes)

2.Carrots- 2 medium size ( ½ inch cube)

3.Makhana (Lotus seeds)- 1 cup

4.French Beans- 6-8 ( 1 inch pieces)

5.Cauliflower- 6-7 florets

6.Green peas – ½ cup

7.Paneer (Cottage cheese)- 1 ½ cups (½ inch cubes)

8.Cashewnuts (Kaju)- ¾ cup

9.Raisins( Kismis)- 2-3 tbsp

10.Fresh cream- ½ cup

11.Boiled tomato Puree- 1 cup

Note: Boil the tomato till partial soft.Cool it.Take off the skin .Cut it and remove the seeds.Blend it to make the puree.

12.Boiled onion paste- 1 cup

13.Beaten curd- 2 tbsp

14.Ginger paste- ½  tbsp

15.Garlic paste- ½ tbsp

16.Cumin powder- ½ tsp

17.Coriander powder- ½ tsp

18.Red chili powder- ½ tsp

19.Black pepper powder- ½ tsp

20.Cinnamon- 1 (1 inch piece)

21.Green Cardamon- 2


23.Bay leaf-1




1.Heat 2 cups of water, add  a few pinches of salt.Once the water starts boiling- add the potatoes,carrots,french beans,cauliflowers,and green peas.Boil till done.

2.We should not drain the very little (if any) vegetable stalk that remains after boiling.

3.Keep it aside
4.Soak half of the cashew nuts in hot water for 5-10 mins.Drain it,and grind to make a smooth paste.

5.Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and fry the makhana(lotus seeds) for a minute or two. The makhana should 
become crispy.

6. Keep it aside.

7.Take a pan/kadhai.Heat around 2-3 tbsp of oil.

8.Add the bay leaf,cloves,cinnamon,green cardamom.

9.Once you get the fragrance of the 4,add the boiled onion paste.

10.Cook it till the oil starts coming out and the colour changes to golden.Very frequent stirring is a must.

11.Add ginger garlic paste, cumin powder,black pepper powder,red chili powder, and stir well.Cook  it     for   1 or two minutes.(OR till the raw smell of ginger garlic goes off)

12.Take off the pan from heat.Add the beaten curd slowly (not all at the same time)with continuous stirring and mixing.

13.Mix well and put the pan on the flame again.(Low heat/simmer)

14.Add the cahew nut paste and mix well.Cook it for 3-4 minutes on low heat.

15.Add the boiled vegetables and salt .Mix well and cook for another 2 minutes.

16. Raise the flame and add  ½ cup of water and then add the fried makhanas and paneer pieces.Mix well.

17.Cook for less than minute,till it starts to boil.

18.Check the salt seasoning.Turn off the flame.

19.Add the fresh cream and mix well.

20.Take away the bay leaf.Garnish with the remaining cashew nuts and raisins.

21.Serve hot with plain rice/pulao/rumali roti/tanduri roti/plain roti.

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